Saturday, December 11, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Busy morning!  Little bear finally decided to take his nap.  We now have the blog up and running; Facebook Business page is moving along, and the Etsy site seems to be functioning.  Products for sale are on the Facebook page and the Etsy inventory will be up tonight.

Enough self-promotion!  Let's talk cloth diapers.  What are your favorites?  Mine seem to be Kawaii Baby.  I love the ease of a pocket diaper and the fact that they don't cost an arm and a leg!  Washing diapers never really seemed to bother me.  I have fun watching something dirty get so clean.  Imagine having to wash the old fashioned way with no washer.  This is really nothing!

Kawaii Baby has no clue I just blogged this, these are my own personal opinions and I have in no way been compensated for them.

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