Friday, January 14, 2011

Vinegar...not just for pickles!

Has anyone been noticing a big surge in women looking for frugal and natural ways to clean their homes lately?  I sure have!  I also have noticed women on the other side of the coin, those that see the words "natural" or "green" and say:  "Yeah, but I need something that really works!".  Companies will have you believe that if it isn't bleach, it isn't clean.
I used to fall on the latter side of the spectrum.  Every Saturday, I religiously would bleach EVERYTHING in my apartment.  I would know that my house was clean if I could smell bleach.  It was my right hand man!
Then I got pregnant with Baby Bear.  And then I got stuck on bed rest.  So, how was I supposed to clean the house effectively and not breath in toxic fumes?  I had lots of time to spend on the internet doing research and a new lifestyle has developed.  :)  I have learned that white household vinegar is the cheapest but strongest way to clean and disinfect.  An aunt of mine opened me up to the world of essential oils. Many blogs later, I have learned from countless women about cloth diapering and how to wash them.  
And now, aside from Jesus and my husband, vinegar is one of my best friends.
Did you know that a few cups of household vinegar will disinfect even your toilet?
That vinegar will kill even yeast on your cloth diapers?
That a mixture of vinegar and baking soda will clog the nastiest of drains?

Do you use vinegar in your home?  Please, share your uses!  I'd love to hear them!

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