Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Christmas Fairy...and a Raffle

If you haven't yet heard of The Christmas Fairy on Facebook, you can visit here.  What started as a grassroots movement a few months ago to help families in need has already exploded to 1,218 members who have now helped 140 kids this year.  Quite an accomplishment if you ask me.  They do help with gifts of toys and such, but also clothing and other necessities.  While they have closed the applications for families this Christmas, they plan to continue well into the new year so they can be equipped to handle even more families next year.

So hear's the deal.  This is a worthy cause and all worthy causes, while requiring love to fuel them, require money to keep things afloat.  The Raffle I announced earlier this week will now be extended until December 29, 2010.  We will call it a New Year's Bash.  After all, once the holiday gift giving is over, don't you deserve something for yourself?  20% of the proceeds will go directly to The Christmas Fairy, and the more participants and entries the bigger the prizes--and proceeds!  Have at it!  :)

If you have a company and would like to donate prizes, please contact me at forhisglory58 at yahoo dot com.

Enter HERE!

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